Algalon Capital Symbol

Algalon Capital is a Family Office, managing our own funds and those of our friends. We implement several strategies in the cryptocurrency space and traditional stock markets. We manage some funds internally, and others are structured under our umbrella and run by partners.

Fund structure and location

We are structured as a master-feeder Caymans / Delaware company with a NY bank account. Our main office is in Moscow.

Investment universe

The scope of Algalon interest extends from DeFi and crypto derivatives markets to classic stock positions in the US and Europe to Asia.


Algorithmic Fund

Quantitative research followed by algorithmic trading using our proprietary software

Market Making

Providing liquidity on centralized exchanges

Volatility Trading

Algorithmic market neutral volatility trading using options

Dynamic Digital Asset Allocation

Algorithmically managed portfolio of large capitalization crypto assets

DeFi Fund

Portfolio of various actively managed strategies in Decentralized Finance market

Market Making and Staking

Providing assets to liquidity pools and protocols to earn rewards

Infrastructure and Ecosystems

Investing in blockchain infrastructure that will enable decentralized world

Presales and IDO/ICO/IEO

Private early-stage and public sales investments

Stock Market Prop

Low-risk investments on the US, Asian and European stock markets

Conservative dividend stocks investments

We rely on classic (primarily resource) sectors, a solid business model, and adequate management

Event-driven (special situations) stocks investments

Out attempts to take advantage of temporary stock mispricing in various sectors/regions

Long call/put options trading

Some ideas traded through call/put options which also used as a hedge to the broad market