Algalon Capital

We seek to generate consistent alpha using proprietary infrastructure for algorithmic trading best equipped to exploit volatility of digital assets and market inefficiencies.

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Algalon Capital exploits automated trading method outperforming ETH and minimizes crypto market risk with the hedging overlay.

Investment strategy is composed of a group of sub-strategies including (but are not limited to) quantitative models, statistical arbitrage and USD hedge that, when combined, provide a diversified level of exposure that is most appropriate for aggressive market environment.

We rigorously backtested our algorithms on a market data available within the last 12 months. Since December 2018 the strategies are running live.

The Strategy outperforms ETH, BTC and Bitwise Index which tracks the total return of the 10 largest cryptoassets.

Algalon StrategyETH PriceBTC PriceBitwise 10 Large Cap Crypto Index
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Algalon Data Labs

Our team relies on scientific approach to managing digital assets. To provide our mathematicians, quants and data-scientists with professional-grade tools — the infrastructure and data, we’ve been investing heavily in R&D.

Data Warehouse

The lack of suitable solutions for data collection prompted us to store all the market numbers on our servers. That temporary tool grew into what we call now the Data Warehouse. We have created data cluster for collecting, recording and long-term storage of the real-time crypto markets data.

Real-time data harvested and recorded about more than 3,000 crypto instruments from 22 crypto-exchanges

Algalon Data Warehouse

We keep Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes up in-house to parse blockchain data, including transaction history and smart contract execution metadata. Storage in-house helps us to track big movements and events happening in blockchain and to react accordingly.

For the needs of our trading algorithms, it is equally important to track and instantly interpret the movements of tokens between wallets via custom analytical samples. It gives us the ability to look extensively at the financial markets keeping note of all processes, from high-frequency trading to arbitrage. Readily available data is the essential need.

Algalon Infrastructure Components

Trading Infrastructure

A proprietary cost-effective infrastructure has been built over the last 12 months. It helps to establish a secure trading environment and fund protection to eliminate risks of potential hacks and malicious behavior.