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Our Story

Algalon Capital were established in 2016. Back then when we reached out to traditional venture investors with an offer to work with our portfolio of crypto projects, they said that would be self-destructive, or to put it bluntly, suicidal. Despite those predictions, we have been seeing double digits multipliers and continue enjoying high ROI.

At Algalon, we’ve been seeking long-term value blockchain-based protocols and applications, and startups with inherent blockchain usage and trustworthy tokenomics. All companies were evaluated against the framework created to test tokens and business models performance in real life.

With the digital assets market been gone through the full cycle, Algalon Capital grew with it and transformed into the asset management service and data intelligence platform leveraging sufficient market data to build and stress test trading algorithms.

We’re constantly evolving and shifting our strategies based on market movements and rigorous risk management. Although our infrastructure runs in a fully automated way, it operates under full trader oversight in real time.

Algalon Capital Symbol

Who We are

The team has been in crypto markets for over 4 years and understands deep technical shortcomings of crypto and trading infrastructure. We represent a unique blend of successful game theory and math experts, professional poker players, blockchain technologists and traders from traditional finance. This allows us to approach this unique asset class with both traditional trading expertise and new innovative strategies.

The core team applies superior knowledge of blockchain technology experts, mathematicians, and engineers to build strategies. Team has 7 full time employees.