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Idea-driven, mathematician-approved: Crypto investments with limited risk

Our Approach

The Algalon Capital utilizes a broad set of alpha-oriented trading strategies using bitcoin derivatives market, intending to optimize risk and return applying modern portfolio theory, quantitative approach, and proper risk management.

Financial Data Science

We keep up with current trends and apply modern machine learning techniques to build predictive mathematical models. Simple technical analysis is out of date, it is replaced by deep neural networks, gradient boosting and decision trees.

Flexible opportunistic approach

Our edge is in fast reaction to changing crypto playground. We’ve developed processes to constantly read the market and to design new investment ideas.

Algalon Capital Symbol

Being involved in crypto market since 2016, Algalon Capital business has scaled from occasional trading and ICO investment to professional investment management service. Throughout 2018 we’ve been investing heavily in talent and infrastructure to approach unique digital asset class with both traditional trading expertise and new innovative strategies. See our story.

Algalon Capital

Public Research Archive

Our financial and tech analysts produce comprehensive crypto market reports alongside with sharing important ideas and insights on financial data science and intelligent investing.